16 to Dump Shift System

The Ministry of Education says its eliminating the dual shift system from 16 schools during the course of the new school year.

Education Minister Ronald Thwaites will be announcing the plans in his back-to-school broadcast to be aired on Sunday August 31.

Minister Thwaites says the Ministry has identified three ways of...Read More »

More Chik-V

The Ministry of Health has confirmed four additional cases of Chikungunya bringing the total number of confirmed cases for the country to twenty-one (21).

The Health Ministry says of this number eighteen (18) are from local transmission, two (2) imported and one (1) considered cryptic due the uncertainty of whether...Read More »


The Meteorological Service has issued a Flash Flood Watch for low-lying and flood-prone areas.

The Flash Flood Watch is in effect for the parishes of St Mary, Portland, St Thomas, Kingston and St Andrew, St Catherine and Clarendon.

Duty Forecaster at the Met Service Ronald Moody says the flash flood watch means...Read More »

Smart Card Center

The JUTC is inviting students falling into any of the following three categories to visit the special facility which will be located on the top floor of the Transport Centre:

- Students who submitted application forms for Smarter cards to their schools but did not receive the cards.

- Students...Read More »

Buggery Law Challenge Discontinued

The Jamaican man who brought a legal challenge to the country’s buggery law in the Supreme Court has discontinued his case.

A statement this afternoon from the gay rights lobby group, J-FLAG, says Javed Jaghai has ended what was set to be a landmark case, following threats of violence.

According...Read More »

Gay Plea Dodges Deportation

The British media is reporting that a violent father-of-two escaped deportation moments before being put on a plane to Jamaica, after suddenly declaring he was a homosexual.

The Jamaican man, 55 year old Alvin Brissett, was ordered deported after accumulating a long criminal record including thefts, drug possession and assaults.

Yet at...Read More »

Jamaicans Getting Poorer

Jamaicans are going to continue getting poorer due to the policies of the government!

That’s the word from Opposition Spokesman on Finance, Audley Shaw.

Mr. Shaw was reacting to comments by Bank of Jamaica Governor, Bryan Wynter, who says the economy is exhibiting unprecedented levels of resilience to inflationary shocks such as...Read More »

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