JCF Vigilant

Head of the Manchester Police, Superintendent Melvin Brown, says the police remain vigilant as they grapple with the murder of one of their colleagues.

Police Constable Orville Preddie was shot and killed by gunmen in the community of Farm in Manchester about 11-last night.

Superintendent Brown says the police are following all...Read More »

Police Inspector Dead

The Area One Police have been plunged into mourning as one of its most popular senior officers died in a motor vehicle accident just after 11- this morning.

Dead is Inspector Andrea Johnson of the Hanover Police Division.

Inspector Johnson died of injuries she sustained on the Anchovy main road in St...Read More »

Christmas Vending

The Kingston and St Andrew Corporation will be relaxing its policy on vending in certain parts of the downtown commercial district until January 3 next year.

Mayor of Kingston, Angela Brown Burke, says the Corporation is trying to be fair to vendors and will allow them to sell their wares on...Read More »

Montague Blasts Govt over Economy

Opposition Senator and JLP Chairman, Robert Montague, this afternoon stoked controversy in the Upper House, when he likened the Government’s fixation on obtaining positive reviews from the IMF, to the habits of a cocaine addict.

Montague attacked the Simpson Miller administration for being focused on pleasing the IMF while ignoring...Read More »

IDB Praises Govt

President of the Inter-American Development Bank, IDB, Luis Alberto Moreno, is praising Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller and Finance Minister Dr. Peter Phillips for making the necessary tough decisions in the interest of long term economic development.

Mr. Moreno...Read More »

IMF Test #6: Passed

Jamaica has passed its sixth consecutive IMF test under the four year economic programme, paving the way for the immediate draw down of USDA$67-million.

The IMF says its Executive Board today completed the review of the country’s economic performance under the programme.

But the IMF is warning that actions...Read More »

NO Exotic Pet Gifts - NEPA

The National Environment and Planning Agency is warning members of the public not to buy protected species.

NEPA says persons should resist the temptation to buy certain animals, which fall in the protected category, as gifts for the holiday season.

Protected animals include the Yellow-billed Parrot, the Black-billed Parrot, the Crested Quail...Read More »

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