1-Million Trees Planted! Efforts To Increase Climate Resilience Moving Apace


Prime Minister Andrew Holness says the government’s push to increase the nation’s climate resilience is well underway.

In a public address last week the Prime Minister says 1-million new trees have already been planted in the country.

The target of the National Tree Planting initiative is to plant three million trees in three years.

During the address, Prime Minister Holness encouraged government ministries and all citizens to become active in saving the planet by planting trees.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Holness says the HOPE programme will be instrumental in helping the nation’s climate resilience.

He says 1000 interns will be trained in forestry management through the Program.

He commended the work of the Forestry Department and stated that Jamaica was in support of the global effort to mitigate against the ills of climate change.

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