11yr Old Briton Sexually Assaulted while on Vacation in Jamaica


An 11-year-old girl who was visiting Jamaica with her family, was sexually assaulted in the bathroom of a resort in Ocho Rios, St. Ann.

The incident happened about two weeks ago. British High Commissioner to Jamaica, His Excellency Asif Ahmad, described the assault while speaking on Nationwide This Morning.

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Nationwide News understands the perpetrator has been arrested. Mr. Ahmad says he’s satisfied with the way the authorities handled the matter.

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The report comes amid concerns raised in a US-based publication about the number of sexual assaults against American tourists in Jamaica.

Mr. Ahmad says he’s not particularly concerned about the number of sexual assaults against British tourists in Jamaica.

However, he’s worried that many of these cases are perpetrated by employees at the island’s resorts.

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Meanwhile, Mr. Ahmad says he’s noticed a positive change this year, in the way Jamaican authorities have been handling reports of tourists who are sexually assaulted on the island.

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The High Commissioner says Tourism Minister Ed Bartlett has briefed him on the security audit the Ministry is conducting of the island’s hotels. He says he has great confidence the problem has been recognized and is being addressed.

He says his Embassy has also been conducting training courses for hotel workers.

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  1. Elaine

    Ppl need to know the facts b4 speaking. If you’re a parent dont be quick to judge. Some of these tourists are liars. Karma is a bitch!

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