12 In Custody following Police-Military Operation in August Town


A wanted man is among twelve people who are now in custody following a joint police/military operation in August Town where violence has erupted again.

A man was killed and another seriously injured shortly before noon yesterday.

Dead is Andrew Marriot, from Goldsmith Villa in August Town.

Reports are shortly before noon yesterday, Marriot was among a group of men who were attacked by heavily armed men.

Marriot and another man were shot. They were rushed to the hospital where Marriot was pronounced dead.

The other man was admitted in serious but stable condition.

Police say the men they picked up yesterday afternoon are from the Bedward Gardens area of the community.

The wanted man who was among those arrested was also found in possession of several rounds of ammunition.

There’s been a flare-up of violence in August Town since the start of the year.

Two people were killed on New Years day, while a number of others have been murdered in the past two months.

The police recently imposed a curfew in the area that covers parts of Goldsmith Villa, and are maintaining a heavy presence in the area.


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