$12-million Collected in First Week of Amnesty Extension

Tax Administration Jamaica, TAJ, has collected $12-million after the first week of the extension of the Traffic Ticket Amnesty.

That’s according to TAJ Director, Meris Haughton.

The amnesty allows persons with outstanding traffic tickets issued from September 1, 2010, to October 31, 2017, to pay them without repercussions up to January 13, 2018.

The previous amnesty period, which ran from August 2 to October 31, resulted in the collection of more than $590-million from the processing of more than 260-thousand tickets.

Ms. Haughton says the take up in the first week is similar to the amounts collected in the corresponding period for the first amnesty.

She’s also encouraging Jamaicans to avoid the last minute rush to clear their tickets.


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