15,000 New Taxpayers Added to Tax Net


Fifteen-thousand new taxpayers were added to the tax dragnet last year.

The Economic Programme Oversight Committee, EPOC, made the announcement today at it’s quarterly media briefing at JMMB’s head office in New Kingston.

Co-Chair of EPOC, Keith Duncan, credits the increase to the Tax Administration’s drive to improve tax compliance. He also says the economy is meeting all the targets set by the International Monetary Fund. And, Mr Duncan is confident the country will comfortably pass the next IMF review.

Mr. Duncan says the TAJ has managed to cut the rate of tax delinquency.

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He says the best performing categories for last year included general consumption tax, income tax from companies and travel tax.

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The EPOC Co-Chair says the increased tax collection also positively impacted Jamaica’s performance in other areas like the country’s Primary Surplus Target. He says that increased revenue has allowed the government more room to spend on necessary programmes in the areas of National Security, Infrastructure and Tourism.

Mr. Duncan says the government is also paying less interest on its debts.

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He says the government will pass the next IMF review.

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Stevian Simmonds is an investigative journalist with almost 3 years of experience in radio broadcasting, production and reporting. She graduated from Caribbean School of Media and Communication in 2014 and joined Nationwide News in 2016. In 2018, she produced a special report examining the working conditions of the Bussiness Process Outsourcing Industry. She worked undercover as a call center agent for a month, revealing the lack of data protection and general security infrastructure in the industry. Her report also highlighted the poor working conditions and remuneration faced by workers in the industry. In 2018, Stevian traveled to New Delhi India where she participated in the Inaugural WHO Partners Forum benefiting from critical training related to reporting on women’s and children’s health issues.