2 In Custody In Connection with Gang Rape of Trelawny Teen

The Police say two suspects have been taken into custody in connection with the brutal gang rape of a teenage girl by at least seven males in Trelawny.

The incident took place a few days ago in the community of Zion in Falmouth.

A video recording of the incident surfaced on the internet late last week and was broadcast on several websites up to late Sunday.

The over two minute long video has gone viral.

It tells a graphic tale of a Jamaica where in some areas unprecedented depravity, cruelty and degradation of women and girls, reign supreme.

The video shows a teenager approximately 17 years of age on the ground on her back in bushes. Only her blouse was on.

At least seven young males appearing between age 16 and mid 20’s surrounded her and violated her privacy.

The teenager who was being sexually assaulted appeared to be out of energy. She begged for her attackers to not invade her .

But the abusers would not relent. They laughed, giggled and shouted. One referred to her as ‘eediat gal’.

The ending of the over two minute long video is shocking. As several of the attackers took turns in perpetrating the gang rape, another urinated on the girls face.

She turned away and the attackers again bursting into laughter.

The disturbing incident appeared to be recorded by one the males who zoomed a camera to fully expose the extent of their brutal assault.

The Head of the Centre for the Investigation of Sexual Offences And Child Abuse, CISOCA, is Superintendent Enid Ross-Stewart.

Superintendent Stewart told our news center on the weekend that two males are in custody in relation the gang rape.

She says investigations are being intensified and the teenager who was attacked and sexually abused has been seen by a doctor.

The CISOCA boss says a number of statements have also been collected.

She says the investigation is far advanced and the Police hope to detain the other gang rapists in short order.

Meantime ..our news center understands that children’s advocate Diahann Gordon Harrison has ordered a high level investigation into the callous attack on the defenseless female.