2 New Suspects Held In Connection with Clarendon’s Quadruple Murder

The Clarendon police say two new suspects have been held in connection with last month’s quadruple murder in the parish.

The two suspects, whose identities are being withheld, are expected to be charged soon.

The arrest follows the release of two other suspects who were held a day after the four males were killed.

The Police High Command say the case is receiving urgent attention and significant resources have been deployed to assist with the investigation.

The four murder victims; 14-year-old Ricardo Briscoe, 14-year-old Raymond Givans, 15-year-old Alex Turner, and 35-year-old Marquis Hamilton, all of Clarendon addresses, were killed execution-style.

According to reports from the Corporate Communications Unit, the three boys were walking on the roadway about 9:00 pm when two armed men pounced on them.

They were then forced onto Hamilton’s premises, where the men allegedly demanded money and phones from them

When their demands were not met the four were shot.

A 500-thousand dollar reward has been offered for information that could help capture and prosecute the killers is still being offered.