20 Communities Meet ZOSO Criteria

Prime Minister, Andrew Holness, says the National Security Council, NSC, has been advised by the security forces that there are 20 communities which meet the criteria for them to be declared zones of special operations.

Mr. Holness made the disclosure while responding to a question about how Mount Salem in St. James was chosen as the first zone of special operations.

He noted that the recently passed law requires a community to have experienced recent rampant criminality and a high crime rate for it to be declared a zone.

Mr. Holness noted that the security forces used statistics for the past few years along with recent developments to determine which communities they’d recommend be declared a special zone.

Prime Minister Holness says all 20 communities are likely to receive attention under the Zones of Special Operations law.

However, he says based on several relevant factors including the extent of rampant criminality and the availability of resources, a short list of five has been agreed on.