$20-million Wasted on Election Stall

The Director of Elections, Orette Fisher, says at least $20-million has gone up in smoke, due to the fact that general elections will not be held this year.

The country was placed on election watch in July this year, by the PNP’s National Campaign Director, Dr. Peter Phillips.

The PNP President and Prime Minister, Portia Simpson Miller then ramped up the anticipation, when she told comrades in Portmore last month to saddle up.

But her subsequent announcement that there will be no elections this year, has not only wrong footed her supporters and the Opposition JLP, but has also cost the ECJ millions.

‘Back at square one’. That’s how Director of Elections, Orette Fisher, is describing the effect on the Electoral Office, of the Prime Minister’s decision not to call elections before the end of the year.

Speaking on Nationwide This Morning, Mr. Fisher says over 200 temporary workers who were hired for the elections, will have to be sent home.

Mr. Fisher says the ECJ has yet to calculate the final cost to the Commission, of the elections not being held this year.

But he says the retraining of workers will cost at least $20-million.

It was suggested to Mr. Fisher that the extended wait for elections, will end up costing the ECJ up to $65-million.

Meanwhile Mr. Fisher says the ECJ would enjoy more ease of planning if election dates were fixed.