$335M Is the Maximum Amount to be Spent on the West Kingston Enquiry

335-Million dollars… That’s the final and maximum amount that will be spent by the government on the West Kingston Commission of Enquiry, according to Justice Minister, Senator Mark Golding.

The figure includes fees for attorneys to represent the Jamaica Constabulary and Jamaica Defense Forces.

Justice Minister Senator Mark Golding today provided the final budgeted figures for the West Kingston Commission of Enquiry.

However, that doesn’t include lawyer fees for the JDF and JCF.

The JDF is being represented by attorney Linton Gordon.

While attorney for the Constabulary Force is Deborah Martin.

Either way, those fees are being covered by the state, bringing the total cost for the Enquiry to 335 million dollars.

According to Senator Golding, the cost will not exceed that amount, as there is a price cap on fees for all persons retained by the government.

That includes the Commissioners and the attorneys engaged by the enquiry, although he says he’s uncertain whether that also applies to the attorneys for the JCF and JDF.

Golding says there is one item that could exceed the budget if the proceedings run longer than the scheduled three months.

That’s the cost of rental for the Jamaica Conference Centre.

However, the Justice Minister says that cost is minimal in comparison to the fees.