572 Reasons to Vote PNP?


The People’s National Party has published a booklet listing 572 things they say have been done by PNP administrations in Jamaica since 1944.

The document is titled, “Hundreds of reasons to Vote PNP”. The reasons cover the party’s 77 year history and the achievements of its four leaders.

It starts with the 1944 constitution, which it says was crafted by Norman Manley and the PNP. It also chronicles what it says was unprecedented economic growth in the 1950s and 60s.

The document credits the Michael Manley years as ushering in more rights for workers and raising the standard of living and the minimum wage.

Former Prime Minister PJ Patterson is named as the “architect of the modernisation of Jamaica’s physical and economic infrastructure”.

The bulk of the document is reserved for the leadership of current Prime Minister, Portia Simpson-Miller.

Four-hundred-and-34 points are used to list the achievements of Mrs. Simpson-Miller at the helm of a PNP government.

The booklet notes that she’s presiding over the greatest and most profound reform of the Jamaican economy, in what is acknowledged as the most challenging period in Jamaica’s history.

It says under her watch, Jamaica’s management of its national debt has improved, all major economic indicators are showing positive signs and social programmes have been expanded.