Paulwell Says PNP Will Win Next General Elections


PNP Campaign Director, Phillip Paulwell, says he’s confident the party is taking the necessary steps which will result in it winning the next General Elections.

Mr. Paulwell’s United States visa was recently revoked.

That decision has led to calls within the PNP for him to step down as the man in charge of the party’s campaign for the next General Election.

But, it’s understood that Paulwell is resisting those calls.

The PNP Campaign Director says the party has the right mix of youth and experience to again govern Jamaica.

He’s urging comrades to reach out to him and PNP Vice President, Damion Crawford, with ideas about how to move the country forward.

Phillip Paulwell, PNP Vice President and Campaign Director.

He was speaking in a video posted recently to social media.

One thought on “Paulwell Says PNP Will Win Next General Elections

  1. Norman Smith

    Good, very good… so then will you or will you heed the call of your fellow comrades sir? They must have a reason for asking for your consideration.


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