80 JDF Recruits Struck by Mysterious Illness

The number of Jamaica Defence Force recruits who’ve been affected by a mysterious respiratory illness has now risen to 80.

That’s according to Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Winston de la Haye, who provided the update on Cliff Hughes Online this morning.

Dr. De la Haye says there’ve been no further reports of new cases over the past 24 hours.

The illness was initially suspected to be the H1N1 virus, better known as Swine Flu. However, medical tests have debunked that theory.

Dr. De la Haye says doctors are now testing for other viruses.

The Chief Medical Officer says it’s believed the virus originated from someone in the second batch of recruits who arrived in November.

He says the rapid spread was worsened by training conditions and the recruits’ close quarters.

Meanwhile, the JDF’s Civil and Military Cooperation Officer, Major Basil Jarrett, says the illness spread rapidly among the recruits over the weekend.

Major Jarrett says some of the recruits have improved following treatment. He says about 30 of them have resumed training.

According to Major Jarrett, all the other recruits and their instructors have been given flu shots.

Major Basil Jarrett was speaking on Nationwide This Morning.