85 Red Hills Rd Given More Time to Leave


The police have given residents of 85 Red Hills Road in St. Andrew, more time to evacuate the property.

Some fifty people were given notice to leave the premises, which the owner plans to use for commercial development.

Inspector Roland Smikle of the St. Andrew North Police says the residents have been protesting since yesterday morning.

He says residents this morning attacked the driver of a truck who came to demolish their dwellings on the property.

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Inspector Roland Smikle, of the St. Andrew North Police speaking with Nationwide News today. But one resident, who identified herself only as Marcia, says it’s not time that she needs.

She says the owner has offered her $50,000 to leave peacefully.

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Marcia, who says she’s a relative of the owner, says his decision to evict the residents is due to a family feud.

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Yesterday morning the Councillor for the Whitehall Division in the KSAC, Lee Clarke, said there’s nothing the government could do to help the residents.