A PNP Councillor and a Activist Arrested & Charged for Stealing Electricity

Councilor for the Seaview Gardens Division in West St. Andrew, the PNP’s Hazel Anderson, and well known PNP activist, Karen Cross, were today arrested and charged for stealing electricity.

Both women were released on bail after they were charged with illegal abstraction of electricity.

Councilor Anderson this afternoon confirmed with our news center that she was arrested and charged by the Duhaney Park police.

It’s understood the charge relates to a property in Seaview Gardens which was occupied by Councilor Anderson. She offered an explanation for the alleged illegal connection.

In the meantime, Miss Cross also confirmed this afternoon that she was charged today with illegal abstraction of electricity. She declined to say when she’s to appear in court.

Karen Cross, well-known PNP activist, speaking this afternoon with Nationwide’s Abka Fitz-Henley. Cross, who’s a Justice of the Peace, was also charged at the Duhaney Park police station.

The location of the property which Miss Cross is accused of using to steal electricity is not immediately clear. Police personnel have also confirmed the arrests.

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2 thoughts on “A PNP Councillor and a Activist Arrested & Charged for Stealing Electricity

  1. Nathan777

    Good God, the last audio clip of the other Councillor is very embarrassing. She doesn’t even have any remorse or shame about what she or someone else she knows has done. It just goes to show the level of criminality within the political parties, especially the PNP.

  2. Jack Russell

    These are the very people who are supposed to be setting a standard for others and on a JP even. No wonder ordinary people theive there way to heaven. Hope they get banged up

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