Accused Uchence Gang Members Remanded in Custody

Twenty alleged members of the Uchence Gang were remanded in custody when they appeared before the Supreme Court today.

Justice Vinette Graham-Allen made an order that their fingerprints be taken.

Those remanded in custody include the alleged leader of the gang, Uchence Wilson.

A Detective Corporal of Police, Lloyd Knight, and three women were also remanded in custody.

Two of the those charged did not appear in court today. But, Justice Graham-Allen ordered that all 22 return to court on January 10, next year.

There was no application for bail.

Justice Graham-Allen also instructed that Uchence Wilson and Shantol Gordon be taken to receive medical treatment.

Wilson is said to have an injury to the hand, while Gordon is said to be suffering from a number of illnesses.

It was argued that neither has been able to receive proper medical treatment since their arrest.

Justice Graham-Allen says a report should be sent to the court.

Head of the Counter-Terrorism and Organized Crime Investigations Branch, C-TOC, ACP Fitz Bailey says all the alleged members of the gang have been charged with breaches of the anti-gang legislation.

Several of them have also been charged with murder and other serious offences such as rape and shootings with intent.


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