Alexis Begins Application Process for Jamaican Citizenship

The People’s National Party’s candidate for the South East St. Mary by-election, Dr. Shane Alexis, says he’s started the process of applying for Jamaican citizenship.

Speaking with our news centre today, Dr. Alexis says he can become a naturalized citizen through his marriage as his wife is a Jamaican.

But he says the process may take up to two years.

Dr. Alexis’s citizenship has become controversial after he revealed on Nationwide 90 FM yesterday that he’s Canadian; and not Jamaican.

In a statement today, the PNP says Dr. Alexis will be moving to formalize his Jamaican citizenship immediately.

The governing Jamaica Labour Party has criticized the PNP, saying it’s ‘morally bankrupt’ for nominating him to represent the party.

But Dr. Alexis says the people of South East St. Mary have accepted him for his track record of service to Jamaica.

Dr. Shane Alexis says he welcomes the public discourse on his citizenship status as it proves that democracy is alive and well in Jamaica.

Meanwhile, he says he won’t renounce his Canadian citizenship.


  • QC

    The push back sound good in terms of legality but dotting I’s and crossing T’s in politics is essential.