Alexis Files Defamation Suit Against Young Jamaica President

Attorneys representing Dr. Shane Alexis this morning filed a defamation suit in the Supreme Court against President of the JLP affiliate Young Jamaica, Howard Chamberlain.

Mr. Chamberlain is being sued in his personal capacity as well as that of the President of Young Jamaica.

A statement from the People’s National Party today noted that on October 14, Dr. Alexis’s attorneys, wrote Mr Chamberlain, advising him of the defamatory statements in a media release issued over his signature by Young Jamaica.

The lawyers demanded a retraction and apology by 4:00 p.m. October 17 on terms to be agreed upon by Dr Alexis.

According to the PNP, the deadline passed and both Mr Chamberlain and Young Jamaica have failed to respond to the request.

Young Jamaica had raised questions and made assertions regarding Dr. Alexis’ studies in Cuba.

In the meantime, Mr. Chamberlain is describing the lawsuit as ‘frivolous’. He says he hasn’t been made aware of it.

But he says he’ll also seek to recover money from what he sees as the baseless legal action.

Howard Chamberlain is reiterating that President of the People’s National Party, Dr. Peter Phillips, has said Dr. Alexis benefited from a programme between Jamaica and Cuba.

He says neither Dr. Alexis nor his family has sought to clarify those remarks.