All Set for East Portland By-Election


The Electoral Office of Jamaica, EOJ, says all is in place for the by-election in Portland Eastern on Thursday.

In a statement this afternoon, the EOJ says it has ensured the timely preparation and distribution of all materials necessary for conducting the polls, including training of election day workers.

The Electoral Office says voting will take place in 127 polling stations across 49 voting locations. The polls will open at 7 a.m. and close at 5pm after which the preliminary counting of ballots will take place. According to the EOJ, there are 36,315 registered voters in the constituency.

The EOJ is reminding residents of Eastern Portland that only electors registered to vote in that constituency will be allowed to vote in the by-election. The EOJ is also reminding employers and electors that registered voters who intend to cast their ballots in the by-election are entitled to three hours’ time-off from work on Thursday.

The three hours’ time-off to vote is in addition to the usual lunch hour. 
Voters are also reminded to bring their Voters’ ID card on election day. 
If individuals do not take their ID cards with them, they must swear or affirm to an oath of identity and be fingerprinted in order to verify their identity. 


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