Alleged Police Brutality Results in Death of Westmoreland Man


Residents of Westmoreland are at this hour mounting a major protest along the Negril Main Road.

They’re angry over the death of 23-year-old Kemar Powell, who they say was killed by the police on Wednesday night.

They claim Powell was hit from his bike by police officers, and then beaten near the gates of the St. Paul’s Anglican Church.

Speaking with Nationwide News, Powell’s aunt, Nadine Clarke, says a CT scan has revealed that his skull was cracked.

Clarke claims that after the Police beat Kemar, they threw him in the back of a police van and threw his motor bike on top of his body.

Nadine Clarke, the aunt of Kemar Powell, speaking with Nationwide News.

2 thoughts on “Alleged Police Brutality Results in Death of Westmoreland Man

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  2. murderers

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