Analyst Warns MPs with Thin Majorities to Get to Work

Political commentator Nadeen Spence says those in the JLP who won their seats by small margins must ensure they devote as much of their time as possible to the constituencies.

Ms. Spence is citing the examples of East Rural St. Andrew and Western St. Thomas, as two seats where the JLP needs to put in more work.

Juliet Holness won East Rural St. Andrew by 690 votes, while James Robertson won Western St. Thomas by just over 400 votes.

Neither is reported to be in Prime Minister Holness’ Cabinet.

Of those JLP members who won by less than 1,000 votes, only JC Hutchinson is expected to be named to the Cabinet as Agriculture Minister.

Hutchinson won St. Elizabeth North Western by 914 votes.

Fayval Williams, who won Eastern St. Andrew by only 157 votes is expected to be named a State Minister in the Ministry of Finance and Planning.

Two former Cabinet Ministers, Pearnel Charles, who won by 529 votes and Rudyard Spencer, who won by 971 votes, are also not expected to be given Cabinet duties.