Angry Residents Form Human Blockade Across Section of North-South Highway

The police have now cleared a roadblock along the North-South link of Highway 2000, caused by residents protesting for better roads.

Some 200 residents from several communities, including Wakefield, Broxton Town, Heathfield and Wakefield-Savannah, used their bodies to block traffic along the highway near the Linstead exit, this morning.

They were moved away by the police, but they’re refusing to leave the area until their Members of Parliament arrive.

The area covers two constituencies, St. Catherine North West represented by Robert Pickersgill, and St. Catherine West Central represented by Dr. Christopher Tufton.

A resident of Wakefield, Lloyd Ramgolan, told Nationwide News this morning that China Harbour Engineering Company, CHEC, which built the highway, has also contributed to the deterioration of their local road.

Mr. Ramgolan says the residents came out early this morning to protest, but remained peaceful.