Another Major Gun Find at Kingston Wharves!!

For the second consecutive day the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) is reporting a major gun find!

The Police say 16- illegal guns were seized today at the Kingston Wharf Terminal. The gun find today comes just over 24-hours after the Police seized 10-guns and more than 600 rounds of ammunition.

A statement just before 5:00 this afternoon from the JCF says the seizure today was made in a joint operation by the Police and the Contraband Enforcement Team of Jamaica Customs.

According to the JCF, its investigators attached to the Counter Terrorism and Organized Crime Investigations Branch, CTOC, and the Narcotics Division conducted secondary operations at the container terminal today where they discovered the additional sixteen 9-millimeter pistols.

Sixteen magazines and one nine-millimeter round of ammunition were also seized today.

The JCF says the operations, which began as early as yesterday morning continued into today. The operations and investigations continue.

The Police Commissioner, Major General Antony Anderson, is commending the joint law enforcement team.

Commissioner Anderson told our News Centre this afternoon that he wishes to highlight the continued partnership between the Narcotics Branch of the Constabulary and its counter-terrorism branch and organized crime branch.

He says both branches of the Constabulary have been working with Jamaica Customs to achieve positive results.

The Police Commissioner says he commends the team’s continued vigilance and commitment to eradicating the influx of guns and ammunition into Jamaica.

Commissioner Anderson says the Constabulary remains committed to disrupting criminal networks by removing their access to weapons and in the process further reduce the country’s murder rate. The guns and ammunition were seized at the Kingston Wharves Terminal in the Corporate Area.

A silencer and several magazines were also seized by the Police. Two women and two men are in custody in connection with the seizure. Arrangements are being made for them to be questioned by the Police.

One of the men in custody is a 24-year old who was listed as the intended receiver of the weapons which were to be transported to an address in Mona Heights in Kingston 6.

It’s suspected the guns were shipped to Jamaica from Atlanta, Georgia in the United States.


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