Arnaldo Brown to Face GLC

The disciplinary committee of the General Legal Council, GLC, has ruled that attorney-at-law and State Minister of Foreign Affairs, Arnaldo Brown, should be tried internally for his alleged role in a land deal gone sour.

The transaction involves Harvest Tabernacle Church in Ferry, St. Catherine, and Minister Brown’s client, Colin Jackson.

The ruling by the GLC was handed down on December 14 last year. It follows a complaint from the pastor of the church, Raymond Boswell.

The property in question reportedly belongs to Mr. Brown’s client, Colin Jackson. Jackson was paying a mortgage for the property to National Commercial Bank, NCB.

Pastor Boswell says on March 12, 2012, his church entered a vendors mortgage agreement with Mr. Jackson via his attorney Arnaldo Brown, in order to buy the property at Lot 259 at Dawkins Bog in Ferry Parks, St. Catherine, for 36-million-dollars.

Brown is also being blamed for not having the sale agreement stamped despite a payout of almost 3-point-5-million-dollars in transfer taxes, duties and registration fees.

Pastor Jackson says despite paying more than 14-million-dollars directly to Brown, the State Minister failed to inform NCB that Harvest Tabernacle Church had an interest in the property.

NCB subsequently sold the property to another party.

In his complaint to the GLC, Pastor Boswell wrote that Brown ignored several requests to provide him with details of his client’s mortgage status, which was in arrears.

He alleges, that despite Brown knowing the mortgage was in arrears, he still proceeded to collect payments from the church for the property.

He says Minister Brown only provided requested information when the church sought the intervention of the GLC.

When contacted this afternoon, Minister Brown refused to comment.


Jevon is a Reporter/Producer/Presenter with NNN. He holds a BA in Mass Communication (Journalism: emphasis) from Northern Caribbean University (NCU).