Arrogance Hurting PNP’s Electoral Fortunes – Hanna

South East St. Ann Member of Parliament , the PNP’s Lisa Hanna, says some of the party’s leaders have become arrogant and individualistic in recent years.

She says this has contributed to successive defeats at the polls.

Ms. Hanna was reacting to the PNP’s poor showing in Monday’s local government election.

Speaking on Nationwide’s Cliff Hughes On Line yesterday, she said the party has ignored red flags, showing an erosion of support in traditionally strong PNP areas.

She says voters are breaking away from what she describes as ‘the politics of the past’.


4 thoughts on “Arrogance Hurting PNP’s Electoral Fortunes – Hanna

  1. Wilbourn Carr

    Those of us who follow social media as Ms Hanna does knew the election was turning heavily towards the JLP, rather than going after Lisa the Party should embrace her and learn from not just on the ground but how social media is affecting change.

  2. Patrick

    Nothing much will change short of a revolution of ideas within the PNP and it it refreshing to say the least; that Lisa Hanna has shown time and time again that she has a firm grip on the realities of today’s politics in Jamaica. It is a shame however, that most of the voices inside the party only speak in silence which means they criticise in their minds and among their inner circles while clapping, smiling and showering praises on a leader whose time has come and gone.

  3. KazHoshay

    It is the arrogance Lisa speaks about that is going lead many to attack her. Some in the leadership of my party is way beyond arrogance, some believe they have a God given right to issue edicts for the lesser of us to follow without question.

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