AUDIO: Silvera Lashes ‘Dutty PNP’ Supporters

Tension is running high in Lisa Hanna’s South East St. Ann seat, following yesterday’s constituency conference.

Miss Hanna was returned by delegates, to serve another term as constituency Chairman.

Some prominent members of the party turned out to support her.

However, only one of the four councillors in the constituency attended the event.

In her address, Miss Hanna vowed that no force would remove her as MP.

But while that meeting was underway in Claremont, comrades were having another meeting a short distance away.

At that meeting, a crowd chanted, “Lisa Must Go”.

PNP supporters in South East St. Ann yesterday.

Back on the platform of the constituency conference, a fired-up West St. Mary MP, Jolyan Silvera demanded that opponents of Lisa Hanna must fall in line.

He lashed out at those he called ‘dutty PNP’.

Transport Minister, Dr. Omar Davies offered to mediate the intensifying dispute in South East St. Ann.

Dr. Davies also declared his support for Miss Hanna.