August Town Stakeholders March for Peace


A peace walk was staged on Tuesday morning in the troubled community of August Town in St. Andrew where ten people were shot last week— five fatally.

Several stakeholders are joining in the march being led by the peace builders in the area.

The Peace Management Initiative, PMI, is one of several stakeholders who joined the march to lend support to the group.

Executive Director of the PMI, Damian Hutchinson spoke with Nationwide News.

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He says the Jamaica Constabulary Force and residents are also among those participating in the march.

Over the last week, the area has been tense following the shootings.

People’s National Party, Caretaker for Eastern St. Andrew, Venesha Phillips told Nationwide News last week that the reprisal killing on Tuesday stemmed from a feud between criminals in the two areas— Jungle 12 and River.

No motive has been established for last Friday’s shooting which left four people dead.

Last week Ms. Phillips said the situation could spiral out of control if not handled swiftly.

The PMI Executive Director says they’ll be meeting with persons in the community who can assist with quelling the ongoing feud.

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