August Town Tense After More Gun Fighting


Sections of the community of August Town in St. Andrew are tense this afternoon following another gun attack which killed a Correctional Officer today.

The Correctional Officer lived in the community. He was murdered at approximately 8:30 this morning in the vicinity of August Town Road and July Road.

Men in the community are warning that today’s killing will be avenged. Dead is 35-year-old Correctional Officer, David Stewart. He was a warder at the Horizon Remand Center.

Reports are that Mr. Stewart was opening a shop he operated in a section of August Town known as Jungle 12. He was shot dead when gunmen carrying high-powered weapons opened sustained fire.

Residents of Jungle 12 are blaming men from nearby Bedward Gardens for carrying out the attack. They say the attack on the shop is an act of retaliation for the killing of a man known as FT who was murdered in Bedward Gardens recently. However – no confirmation of this theory has come from the Police.

One resident of August Town told our news centre today that he knew Mr Stewart well. He says more people will die.

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The resident says the warder was a model citizen.

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Residents of August Town tell our news center that an Inspector who was among a police team which responded to the attack on Mr. Stewart today barely escaped with his life.

It’s understood that a gunman, armed with an AK 47, took aim at the Policeman but the assault rifle malfunctioned giving the Inspector a chance to run for his life.

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A resident of August Town is heaping praise on a policeman for saving many lives in the community this morning. The woman said the brave policeman put his life on the line to warn people to run as the gunmen opened fire with their high powered weapons.

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The woman is calling on the government to put in place extraordinary measures to curtail what she says has been an upsurge of violent crime in the area.

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Political leaders in East St. Andrew, where the troubled community is located, are calling for a Zone of Special Operations, ZOSO, to be declared in August Town.

MP for the constituency, Fayval Williams, says she’ll be writing to the Prime Minister to request a Zone of Special Operations, ZOSO, for the troubled area.

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Fayval Williams, Member of Parliament for Eastern St. Andrew speaking today on Cliff Hughes Online. The PNP Caretaker for the constituency, Venesha Phillips, agrees.

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