Chevon Campbell

NWC Files $200m Claim Against CHEC Over Broken Pipes, Disruptions In Water Supplies

Telecommunications firm, Flow, filed a similar claim last year which prompted the intervention of Prime Minister Andrew Holness.

Gov’t Should Reduce Asset Tax for Financial Institutions – Chang

Mr. Chung does not foresee greater reductions in the Central Bank's policy rate.

DPP Says ‘Secrecy Clause’ In Integrity Commission Act Should Be Modified

Director of Public Prosecutions, DPP, Paula Llewellyn, says the confidentiality clause in the Integrity Commission Act should be modified but not eliminated. The clause...

Duncan-Price Eyes Central Kingston Constituency As Thwaites Mum Future In Representational Politics

Mrs. Duncan-Price, previously represented the PNP in the East Rural St. Andrew constituency during the 2016 General Elections.

DPP Claims Victory In Shernet Haughton Ruling, Says It Proves ‘Her Original Wisdom Was On Point’

Ms. Llewlleyn says she's repeatedly warned against conflating unethical behaviour with a prosecutable offence

CMU Considers Removing Wheatley’s Name From University Center

Ultimately, Professor Pinnock says the CMU Council is actively discussing the renaming of the building.

CMU Defends Hiring Othneill Lawrence

Professor Pinnock assured the comittee that the proper procedure was adhered to in hiring the former JLP MP.

CMU President Denies Hosting Ruel Reid’s Birthday Party on a Private Yacht

Professor Pinnock also said the CMU did not provide any funding for that party.

McLean Among Education Ministry Staffers Interviewed by Financial Investigations Division

Dr. McLean says she can only speculate that the interview is in relation to ongoing investigations being discussed in the public domain.

Gov’t Moves to Secure $US160 million To Improve Water Security

Prime Minister Holness says extensive work will be required to ensure the future of Jamaica's water supply.