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AUDIO: Opposition wants answers from Security Minister on Ellington’s shock retirement

Minister Bunting will be required to respond to the questions in three weeks time.

PM Simpson Miller goes on vacation

A brief statement from the Office of the Prime Minister says Mrs. Simpson Miller will be away from her desk for the rest of the week.

Minister Thwaites on Graduation fees

Mr. Thwaites says his Ministry has made it clear that graduation exercises should be low key.

Bakery in Northern Ireland could face legal action after refusing to make gay-themed cake

Northern Ireland is the only part of the UK where gay marriage is still illegal.

Paraplegic Jamaican man sentenced to hard labour

The man, Aaron Lewin, a road-side vendor from Clarendon, was sentenced last Friday in the Arima Magistrates First Court.

Armadale court hearings postponed

That incident, which occurred on May 22, 2009, caused the deaths of seven girls, all wards of the state and the injury of several others.

Three sentenced for breaches of the lottery scam law

The St. Elizabeth police says three individuals were yesterday sentenced in the St. Elizabeth Circuit Court for breaches of the lottery scam law. 19-year-old Tafarie...

Why two senior security experts say yes to Jamaica outsourcing Police Commissioner

Last week, Police Commissioner Owen Ellington dropped a bombshell by announcing that he would be proceeding on pre-retirement leave.

Vybz Kartel sues Owen Ellington and TVJ for millions

Kartel has asked the court to order that Commissioner Ellington pay him millions in damages.

World Bank approves $US35million to Jamaica

The loan will become due for repayment after 29 years, with a grace period of five years.