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Some MPs Angry After Being Told That Their Salaries Will Be Late

It's further understood that some staff at the Houses of Parliament have not received their salaries and are restive because of the delay.

Economist Ralston Hyman Says Devaluation Strategy to Boost Exports Is Not Working

He says despite significant depreciation in the local currency, exports have declined by more than 30%.

Energy World’s Licence to be Revoked Next Month

Nationwide News understands that lawyers for the Hong Kong-based company are adamant that the move is ill-advised.

Jamaica College student charged in connection with illegal firearm

Nationwide News understands that the Jamaica College student who was taken into custody in connection with the seizure of an illegal firearm has been charged. The 14...

Aubyn Hill Says He Is a Nationalist

Mr. Hill says as a nationalist, he would have accepted a similar offer from the PNP.

Former News of the World Editor Andy Coulson – Found Guilty

The former Editor of the now defunct newspaper, the News of the World, Andy Coulson, has been found guilty of conspiracy to hack phones.   His predecessor Rebekah...

Boko Haram Abducts Scores of Women and Children in Northern Nigeria

More than 60 women and children have been abducted in northern Nigeria by Boko Haram militants. The abductions are said to have taken place during a series of raids over...

Montague welcomes news that Shanique Myrie has received money awarded by CCJ

Opposition Senator Robert Montague is welcoming news that Shanique Myrie has received the money awarded to her by the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) for damages in the...

Superintendent Steve Brown confirmed two Constables to be hit with criminal charges

Head of the Corporate Communications Unit, CCU, of the Jamaica Constabulary Force, Superintendent Steve Brown, has confirmed that two Constables attached to the Denham...

PNP’s James McLean Thompson has died.

A former Custos of Westmoreland and Member of Parliament for the parish, the PNP’s James McLean Thompson has died. Thompson, who also served as a parish...