• Mr. Crawford says the country must be prudent in its handling of national development.
Neika Lewis

Neika Lewis is an award-winning journalist with over 7 years of experience across radio, tv and the print media. A CARIMAC alum, Neika copped the Prime Minister’s Youth award for journalism in 2017. Her reporting on a Jamaican pilot incarcerated in Qatar in 2015 led to his release. Neika hunts for human interest stories.

Crawford Troubled By Reports That Sections of Cockpit Country Could Be Mined

Mr. Crawford says the country must be prudent in its handling of national development.

Parent Challenges Education Ministry Over PEP Changes

She's calling on the Education Ministry to lessen students' and stakeholders' burden by limiting last minute changes.

Tivoli Mourns Seaga

Residents shared memories and hopes as they tried to process their grief.

Residents Angry After Gov’t Reportedly Approves Mining In Sections of Cockpit Country

Trickery! That’s how Executive Director of the Southern Trelawny Environmental Agency, STEA, Hugh Dixon is describing an alleged move by the government and bauxite...

PNP Women’s Movement Endorses Duncan-Price For Central Kingston

The group says it's unequivocally endorsing Duncan-Price

Some Biometric Data Not Required Under New NIDS Bill

Minister Chuck says the government isn't planning on using the NIDS as a crime fighting tool.

Mandatory Component of NIDS Bill Was The Opposition’s Idea – Justice Minister

The Justice Minister says the NIDS bill would still be effective without the mandatory clause.

27-Year-Old Man Perishes In St. Ann Car Crash

Dead is 27 year-old Tafie White, a taxi operator of Florentino Drive in Angels Phase 2, St. Catherine.

EPOC Chairman Calls For Flexible Exchange Rate, NIDS Implementation

His comments follow robust discussion in recent times among stakeholders calling for the anchoring of the Jamaican dollar to the US dollar

Wigton Listing Fulfills Gov’t Attempt At Wealth Socialization, PM Says

The Prime Minister says Wigton's 31-thousand new shareholders will now have a say in how the company is run.