Tyrone Reid

Tyrone Reid is a multi-award winning investigative journalist, Jamaica’s Journalist of the Year for 2015 and a two-time United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) Caribbean Media Award recipient. Reid is undoubtedly in enviable company as his investigative works have been awarded in print, television and radio. He is also the journalist who has won the most individual awards from the coveted Jamaica Broiler’s Group Fair Play Awards. Reid is currently the News and Current Affairs Editor at Nationwide News Network and also one of the Region’s leading investigative journalists.

PNP Leadership Challenge Set For September: Read Letter Phillips Sent Ending Push For Special Delegate Conference

Suggestions that a special delegates’ conference be held to choose the next President of the People’s National Party, PNP, have been shelved. Sources say...

St Ann Municipal Corporation Leadership Criticizes Police For Skipping Monthly Meetings

The St Ann Municipal Corporation has sharply criticized the police in the parish for their regular absence from the council’s monthly meetings in recent times. The...

Seaga Burial Set For June 23, Former PM To Lie In State For Four Days

June 19 to 22 has been declared as the official period of mourning for Mr. Seaga.

JET Sees Path To No Mining In Sections Of Cockpit Country

In 2017 the Prime Minister announced that there'd be no bauxite mining within the designated boundaries of the Cockpit Country.

Seaga’s Legacy: Influential Yet Controversial

Edward Seaga has the distinction of being the longest serving member of Jamaica’s Parliament.

Archbishop Gregory Is New Head of Anglican Church in The West Indies

Archbishop Gregory was one of two nominees put forward by the House of Bishops following its deliberations this morning.

A Ward of the State, 16, and Her 1-yr-old Son Are Missing

Sixteen-year-old Akacia Quest, a ward of the state, and her one-year-old son, Daniel Francis, both of Golding Avenue in Kingston, have been missing since Tuesday. Akacia...

Police Sex Crimes Unit Warns Women Against Taking Public Passenger Vehicles

Detectives attached to the Constabulary’s Centre for the Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse, CISOCA, have issued an alert to females who utilize...

WhatsApp Wrangle! Education Minister Threatens to ‘Teach Principal a Lesson’

Political Ombudsman, Donna Parchment Brown, is admitting she was the recipient of WhatsApp messages from Education Minister, Senator Ruel Reid, in which he threatened to...

Economy Registers 1.8% Q3 Growth

Jamaica’s economy grew by 1.8 percent for the third quarter of this year when compared to the corresponding quarter for last year. The Statistical Institute of...