Balancing Beach Access with Beach Improvements

Government Minister, Daryl Vaz says the Holness Administration is sensitive to the need to have all Jamaicans given access to public beaches, while at the same time maintaining the quality of the island’s tourism product.

Minister Vaz says he’s heartened by activity on public and private beaches over the just concluded holiday weekend.

In the meantime, Minister Vaz is rejecting a suggestion by University Professor, Carolyn Cooper, that the Guardsman Group only has to pay JMD$13,000 per year for its control of the Puerto Seco beach in St. Ann under a lease agreement.

Mr. Vaz is also noting that the deal wasn’t struck by the current administration.

Daryl Vaz, Minister Without Portfolio in the Office of the Prime Minister with responsibility for the Environment, speaking yesterday with Nationwide News.

Minister Vaz says before Guardsman took control of the Puerto Seco Beach, the property was under another lease agreement where members of the public paid over 3-hundred dollars to use the beach.

Gleaner Columnist and Professor of Literatures in English, Prof. Carolyn Cooper has accused the new operators of the Puerto Seco beach in Discovery Bay, St Ann of overdevelopment.

This after the new operators, Guardsman group reportedly hiked the entry fees at the beach on the recent independence weekend.

Professor Cooper says the overdevelopment has forced the price hike for the locals seeking to enjoy the facility.

It’s understood beach entry fees increased on the weekend to almost double the regular cost to locals.

It’s also understood patrons are not allowed to bring external food items onto the property as part of the owners move to recoup their investment.

Laura Herron is the General Manager at the Puerto Seco Beach facility.

The recent hike in entry fees and food at the beach led to a protest by residents disputing the changes.


One thought on “Balancing Beach Access with Beach Improvements


    I must commend Minister Vaz on his comment about these Beaches in Jamaica, I cant understand some of our Jamaicans, these Beaches must be properly kept so whosoever rent these propertys have the right to make all the improvements to make it attractive.
    A swimming Pool is great, not too many household in Jamaica have a swimming Pool as such this is a great idea, anything to make it good for the people of Jamaica I welcome it, Beach Chairs etc at a cost would work.
    A cost to enter and great food that would be good for public Beaches in Jamaica, we must now move away from the freeness mentality, I know this government will fix this situation, as to Hotels Beaches I don’t think the public should enter these propertys because of safetys reasons but the good honest craft vendors should be allowed to sell their craft by agreed by the Hotels owners, Jamaica will be a better place if we all work together.


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