Blaine Denies Report of Anti-Homosexual Comments

Director of Football at the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF), Vin Blaine, is refuting quotes attributed to him in a recent newspaper article concerning the rampant homosexuality in the women’s game.

The article quotes Blaine as saying that homosexuality has affected participation in the women’s game with many parents refusing to allow their daughters to become involved in the game.

But Blaine says he was misrepresented by the reporter.

He’s demanding a retraction from the paper and says he’s prepared to take the matter to court.

The former coach of Jamaica’s National Women’s says he treats everyone fairly.


One thought on “Blaine Denies Report of Anti-Homosexual Comments

  1. Rohan Gunter

    What was said in the Gleaner article was true, it’s only a pity he cannot speak his mind. put I’ve stop going to female matches because there actions are disgusting

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