Opposition Spokesman on Justice, Senator Alexander Williams, is questioning the silence of Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller on the circumstances surrounding the tragic death of Mario Deane while in the custody of the state.

Noting that Mr. Deane’s death has enraged Jamaicans at home and abroad and from, all walks of life, Senator Williams says the Prime Minister’s silence is unacceptable.

He says to label her silence as a mere leadership style is not good enough.

He noted that by contrast the shooting death of a black teenager in Missouri in the United States had elicited prompt condemnation from President Barack Obama, even though he’s on vacation.

In a statement this afternoon, Senator Williams says the circumstances under which Mario died warrant condemnation or comment from Jamaica House.

He notes that new concerns have also arisen almost daily since, including the treatment of mentally ill persons by the state.

He’s asked “How can she not be moved by the cries of not only Mario’s mother, but the mothers of the men charged?

The opposition spokesman adds that Mrs Simpson Miller must state her position on human rights and protection of the poor.

He says the JLP will continue to watch the investigation closely as it continues to demand compensation for Mr. Deane, the placement of closed-circuit cameras at all police lock-ups and greater protection of the human rights of Jamaicans.