BREAKING – Roger Clarke Dies

Nationwide News can confirm that Agriculture Minister, Roger Clarke has died.

Minister Clarke left the island for the United States of America in July where he underwent surgery and medical treatment for a back condition.

It’s understood that Mr Clarke discharged himself from hospital and passed away at an airport in Fort Lauderdale.

Government sources say Mr Clarke suffered a massive heart attack.

Nationwide News will have further updates.


  • Akua Ajayi Tafari Walters

    The shock of his sudden death has rocked the Jamaican Community…..

  • Thelma

    It just so regrettable that Minister Roger passed! This is really sad news!!

  • arkM

    walk good Roger……I can just see dem inna parliament salivating fi yu ministry position!!!

  • Sue

    I am still in shock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • CHUCK EMANUEL Original

      Why? He was morbidly obese. He was 74 years. Being morbidly obese put a lot of pressure on ones heart.