‘Bright’ Collie vows to Defeat Robinson

Medical doctor and JLP caretaker for South East St. Andrew, Dr. Charlton Collie, is vowing to resist all attempts to remove him from the constituency.

This amid reports that the party is considering replacing him with banker Faye Reid-Jacobs.

Dr. Collie was beaten by the PNP’s Ronald Thwaites in Central Kingston in the 2002 general election.

He also made an unsuccessful bid for the post of JLP General Secretary in 2010.

He’s now readying himself to battle the PNP’s Julian Robinson in South East St. Andrew.

But our sources say the JLP is seeking a stronger candidate and have yet to sign off on Dr. Collie as it’s standard bearer in the seat.

Party insiders say banker Faye Reid Jacobs, who lost to the PNP’s Dwayne Vaz in the Central Westmoreland by-election last December, is being lined up to contest the seat.

Speaking with our news centre today, a determined Dr. Collie says he’ll not be moved.

Dr. Collie says he’s a highly educated man, who has won several competitions in the past.

He says beating Julian Robinson will be no problem.

Dr. Collie says he intends to develop all of South East St. Andrew and not just select communities.

Meanwhile the Deputy General Secretary of the JLP, Audley Gordon refused to confirm whether Ms. Jacobs is to replace dr. Collie in South East St. Andrew.


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  1. prizm

    But i thought they had settled on all their candidates based on what the general secretary said. Dr Collie you will be wasting your time and money Mr Robinson is an excellent mp.

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