Brown-Burke Defends Portia’s Right to Endorse Her

PNP chairperson-elect for the constituency of South West St Andrew, Angela Brown-Burke is brushing aside suggestions that former Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller did an injustice to Councilor Smith Facey in the selection exercise.

Some persons have expressed the view that the former Prime Minister interfered in the selection process for the constituency when she endorsed Dr. Brown Burke.

Mrs. Simpson Miller’s endorsement came after the closure of the period for persons to express an interest in representing the constituency.

Mrs. Brown Burke did not submit a written expression of interest to the party’s secretariat.

The PNP’s National Executive Council then approved a resolution allowing her to enter the race.

PNP General Secretary Julian Robinson and Party President Dr. Peter Phillips said Mrs. Simpson Miller’s wishes had to taken into consideration.

However, Mrs. Brown Burke says it simply means that Mrs. Simpson Miller thought she was the better choice for the people of South West St. Andrew.