Brown-Burke Tapped As Bunting’s Campaign Manager: Says Peter Phillips Is Unelectable


Member of Parliament for South West St. Andrew, Dr. Angela Brown Burke, has announced that she’s accepted the role of Campaign Director for Peter Bunting’s Rise United Campaign.

Bunting is seeking to replace Dr. Peter Phillips as President of the People’s National Party, PNP.

Dr. Brown Burke made the announcement in a statement early this morning.

It comes less than 48 hours after the release of a letter by her husband, former PNP General Secretary Paul Burke, accusing her of deceiving him in declaring her support for Bunting.

Speaking on Nationwide at 5 last evening, Dr. Brown Burke says Dr. Phillips is currently unable to win favour with the Jamaican electorate.

The former PNP VP says Central Manchester MP, Peter Bunting, is the best person to lead the party at this time.

Dr. Brown Burke says she arrived at her decision through consultation with the delegates in her constituency, speaking with both candidates and her own introspection.

She says the party’s leadership isn’t effectively communicating with its stakeholders.

The former PNP Vice President says Mr. Bunting is the person to bring about the change the party needs.

Meanwhile, Dr. Brown Burke says the vast majority of delegates in her constituency are also supporting Mr. Bunting.

She says over the years she’s noticed a deepening hostility around the party’s internal elections.

Dr. Brown Burke says she’s fostered a space for delegates and leadership aspirants to discuss the issues.

Dr. Angela Brown Burke, Member of Parliament for South West St. Andrew.

She was speaking last evening during the Cover Story on Nationwide @ 5 with Tyrone Reid and Kemesha Kelly.

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