Brown-Burke Unfazed by Promise of JLP Bid for SW St Andrew

The PNP’s standard bearer in the South West St. Andrew constituency, Dr. Angela Brown Burke, says the JLP’s suggestion that it could have a chance in the area is far from being realistic.

JLP Chairman, Robert Montague, declared over the weekend that the party will be targeting the PNP stronghold.

Addressing a party meeting in Gibbs Hill in South East St. Mary on Saturday, Mr. Montague suggested there’re internal squabbles in the PNP’s organization in the constituency which the JLP will be moving to exploit. He says the governing party will be ‘running hard and strong’ in all three seats being contested.

Its candidate in South West St. Andrew, Victor Hyde, is also optimistic. He says he plans to take back home the seat for the JLP.

Mrs. Brown Burke today responded to Mr. Montague’s declaration following her nomination. She was nominated at the Electoral Office of Jamaica on Spanish Town Road in St. Andrew.

Exuding confidence, Mrs. Brown-Burke was nominated at 11:36 this morning. She paid her nomination fee with three $1000 notes.

There are 25,670 registered voters in South West St. Andrew.

Mrs. Brown Burke, who’s also the Councillor for the Norman Gardens Division of the Kingston and St. Andrew Municipal Corporation, was accompanied by hundreds of PNP supporters.

The vuvuzelas echoed on the busy Spanish Town road and the marching band could be heard in the distance as they made their way from the Caribbean Palm housing scheme to the nomination centre.

She was also supported by the party leader, Dr. Peter Phillips, and East Kingston Member of Parliament, Phillip Pauwell.

Mrs. Brown Burke is expected to retain what’s considered the PNP’s safest seat in the country.

At the top of her agenda is youth up-liftment, education and crime.

Mrs. Brown Burke is going up against the JLP’s, Victor Hyde in the October 30 by-election. Mr. Hyde is a third-time candidate for the party.

The humble soft-spoken candidate says ‘now is the time’ for the seat to ‘come back home’ to the JLP.

The constituency was formed in 1959. The JLP dominated the early elections winning in 1959, 1962, 1967 and 1972.

Former PNP MP, Portia Simpson Miller first won the seat in the 1976 general election. The PNP has won the seat 8 times.

Mr. Hyde ran for the JLP in both the 2011 and the 2016 general elections. In the 2011 general elections, he secured 500 votes for the party. Last year he secured 700 votes in the February general election.

Mrs. Simpson Miller retained the seat with more than 10,800 votes. That’s over 90-percent of the ballots cast last year.

Mr. Hyde says if he should win the seat, he’ll be focusing on unemployment and crime. He was nominated at 1:10 today.

The third time candidate was ushered to the nomination centre with a small group of about 1-hundred people.

He was also accompanied by Members of Parliament for the St. Andrew Eastern constituency, Fayval Williams and MP for the Kingston Western constituency, Desmond McKenzie.

Mr. Hyde paid his nomination fee using 30 $100 notes.