‘Simpson-Miller isn’t being completely honest’ – Bruce

Former Prime Minister Bruce Golding says Portia Simpson Miller is not being honest with the Jamaican people, about job cuts and taxation measures which her administration is being mandated to implement by the IMF, should it remain in office next year.

Speaking last Saturday at a fund raising dinner hosted by JLP Caretaker, Floyd Green in South West St. Elizabeth, Mr. Golding called on the Prime Minister to be frank and open with the people.

Bruce Golding says the latest IMF country report on Jamaica has made it clear to him that Jamaicans could be in for rough times next year.

But Mr. Golding says he does not expect the Prime Minister to be honest about new taxation measures and jobs cuts in the new year, due to the terms of the IMF deal.

Finance Minister, Dr. Peter Phillips has said the PNP does not intend to engage in what he described as “whole scale job cuts”.

But Mr. Golding says Dr. Phillips and the PNP must be specific and say how many jobs will be lost.

He told his audience to understand that Simpson Miller is in a hurry to call a General Election before the budget is tabled in March next year, because her administration will have to make unpopular decisions.

6 thoughts on “‘Simpson-Miller isn’t being completely honest’ – Bruce

  1. prizm

    Well, well, well, of all the persons look who is now talking about honesty. Can you please tell us who paid and engaged Mannatt, did one of your ministers resign and said he was lead into a web of deception.Jamaican’s would like to know who tipped off Dudus about his extradition request and i could go on and on.

    1. Kemis Kurio

      Hush!! we can see you are on Portia’s team but that doesn’t make her any more Honest. This government is the wickedest, make of lies and deception. No folly politics

      1. Henry Hall

        Kemis Kurio he is saying what mama P is going to do. It’s all good and well saying so but what will be the alternative for your party .

        1. Enigmatic

          If a person expresses an opinion they should be classified as “Green Lime” or “Orange”? Unless your memories are that short you should easily recall that Golding was neither honest or forthcoming as our PM. So my statement to him would be let someone else with good rapport throw that stone.

    2. BlaBla

      whats the relevance here, who in the Pain P talk honest anytime, what u r saying makes no sense, u are talking about a horse of a different colour

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