Bruce Pushes Back Against Obama on Chinese Investment

Former Prime Minister, Bruce Golding, says China has been offering better opportunities for Jamaica and the Caribbean than the United States.

Mr Golding is reacting to comments by President Obama on Chinese investment in the Caribbean.

Mr Obama told a town hall meeting at the University of the West Indies yesterday that Chinese investment may not necessarily be a bad thing, but “you got to make sure you look at what strings may be attached.”

Mr Golding says the United States does not offer the level of investment that China has been providing to the region.

AND, says Jamaica shouldn’t be forced to choose between China or America.

It’s been described as a battle between the two nations for influence over the Caribbean.

China is rising and so is it’s investment in the region — which is America’s back yard.

Former Prime Minister Bruce Golding says the countries of the region have warmed to China because it provides far more appeasing opportunities than the United States.

Mr. Golding says it shouldn’t be a choice between America and China.

He says there’s space for collaboration with all for the benefit of the people.

The former Prime Minister says America must be honest and highlight the fact that it has significantly reduced its interest in the region.

The White House did admit that their was merit in the perception that America hasn’t paid enough attention to the Caribbean.

But it said President Obama’s visit was part of an effort to change that.

7 thoughts on “Bruce Pushes Back Against Obama on Chinese Investment

  1. InMyOwnWords

    Total Chinese Investment between 2005 and 2014 To: United States was $71.9 Billion, to Great Britain was $23.6 Billion, to Canada was $39.4 Billion AND TO JAMAICA was $1.2 Billion only but we should be careful..

  2. squappie

    What was there to push back on? He basically agrees with Obama. The only difference is that he wants us to make sure that the strings attached -if any- do not serve as our hanging noose. I don’t remembering him making trade with China or the US a choice. No one said this was a mutually exclusive deal, Bruce said that. Stop talking Bruce. You failed. No one is interested!!

  3. Mandisa Morgan

    Dear Nationwide, Please stop referring to the Caribbean as the US’ “backyard.” It is derogatory!

  4. popcorn

    Don’t force us Jamaicans to accept gay and lesbians lifestyle as part of our culture . There is no place for it in our society. if any country want’s to accept them find, it’s their business, but let us live the way God wants us to live for Him , not man. if we have to fight to protect our children, then we will.

    1. Marc Antinéou Hesús

      How does giving gays the same right as you as a human being affect you in anyway? And you speak of protecting children as if gays are preying on innocent kids. Why not complain about the priests who are raping little boys and girls?

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