Bullock-DuCasse on the Defensive


Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Marion Bullock-Ducasse, is defending her decision not to inform Health Minister, Dr. Fenton Ferguson, about the current outbreak of the bacterial infections at the University Hospital despite being told of cases affecting the institution on September 7.

The UHWI says it wrote to Bullock DuCasse on September 7 informing her of an outbreak of infections in its Neonatal Special Care and Intensive Care units, which resulted in the deaths of several babies.

According to the University, Dr. Bullock DuCasse did not reply until September 21.

At a post-Cabinet press briefing this morning, Bullock DuCasse said she did not take any action at that time as her information was that the infections had already been contained.

Dr. Ferguson says he first became aware of the infection outbreak on October 16 – the same day it was reported by Nationwide News.

While addressing the Jamaica House media briefing today, Dr. Ducasse was questioned about her failure to immediately inform the Health Minister of cases of the deadly infection outbreak at the UHWI.

The Chief Medical Officer was also asked about word that there are plans for her to proceed on early retirement.

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Dr. Ducasse says there was no need for her to inform Dr. Ferguson of cases of the Klebsiellia and Serratia bacteria which she was reportedly told on September 7 had been affecting the University Hospital.

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Dr. Ducasse also declined to comment on calls for her resignation as the country’s Chief Medical Officer.

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