Bunting Walks Out of PAC Meeting Over PetroJam Audit


At least one Opposition member walked out of a meeting of the Joint Select Committee over the weekend.

The committee was examining changes to the Bank of Jamaica Act, which seeks to improve the governance of the BOJ and introduce transparency to monetary policy decisions.

But Opposition member, Peter Bunting, says he’s not coming to any more meetings until Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee meets to discuss the Auditor General’s report into Petrojam.

Opposition member, Peter Bunting walked out of Saturday’s meeting after stating that a discussion into the findings of the Auditor General’s report into the operations at Petrojam were more important at this time.

However, he claims the Public Accounts Committee, PAC, Chairman, Mark Golding has not been successful in being granted an early date to begin those discussions.

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Mr. Bunting says he would not be taking part in any further meetings until the PAC is allowed to meet.

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Opposition member, Dr. Wykeham McNeill also agreed that meeting to discuss the Bill at this time was less urgent.

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Opposition member Senator Lambert Brown says he also did not support meeting on a Saturday but attended because the amended Bill will be a benefit to the country.

In response, Finance Minister and Chairman of the Joint Select Committee, Dr. Nigel Clarke says the decision to meet on a Saturday was set following consultation.

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