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Bunting-proposed Crime Reduction Strategies ‘Already Being Used’- Security Experts Say


A number of security experts say that the crime reduction measures suggested by PNP presidential aspirant and Central Manchester Member of Parliament, Peter Bunting are already being used.

On Tuesday, Mr. Bunting voted against an extension of the State of Public Emergency in the St. Andrew South Police Division.

He stated that the government should employee other measures to reduce murders rather than States of Public Emergency, which he says are unconstitutional.

However the security experts contend that at this time, the ideal crisis measure is the State of Emergency.

Security Consultant and Former Deputy Commissioner of Police, Mark Shields says a number of the measures suggested by Mr. Bunting are already in use.

Mr. Bunting has suggested evidence based and data driven interventions as well as mapping hot spot communities.

Chairman of the Private Sector Organization of Jamaica’s Standing Committee on National Security, Lieutenant Commander George Overton, says the use of intelligence-driven crime fighting has been used for years.

Meanwhile, Mr. Shields says the SOEs are needed at this time as the nation is facing a crisis that requires an extreme response.

This was supported by Criminologist, Jason McKay who says the powers provided under the SOE are needed at this time to fight crime.

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