Burke Brands Hanna a Liar

General Secretary of the People’s National Party, Paul Burke, is criticizing MP for South East St. Ann, Lisa Hanna, saying she ‘lives in a world of fantasy and half-truths’.

Mr. Burke made the comment in an interview with Nationwide News last night.

This, as he responded to Ms. Hanna’s claim that the party’s leadership and secretariat ignored letters she wrote them, warning about the tensions in South East St. Ann.

Speaking on Nationwide Radio yesterday, Ms. Hanna said she also warned the party’s leadership that some traditionally strong PNP divisions in St. Ann were in danger of falling to the JLP in the local government election.

She said she cautioned this was especially so for the Moneague Division, which was won by a JLP candidate in Monday’s election.

But Mr. Burke says Ms. Hanna is making things up.

Mr. Burke was asked what parts of Ms. Hanna’s comments were true.

However, he said he’d not speak further on the matter until after a meeting of the PNP’s National Executive Council, NEC, this weekend.

Meanwhile, Ms. Hanna says she’s looking forward to when Julian Robinson takes over the leadership of the People’s National Party’s Secretariat next week.

Ms. Hanna has been critical of the party’s current secretariat led by Paul Burke.

She says there are some important lessons that the PNP must learn from its poor performance in this week’s local government election.

Ms. Hanna says the PNP must also move swiftly to implement recommendations from an appraisal report which was done following its surprise defeat in the February General Election.

She says despite the internal problems she has no intention of leaving the PNP.

However, she says the party must work toward soothing the divisions in certain constituencies.

Ms. Hanna has been embroiled in a bitter feud with three PNP Councillors in her constituency over the past two year.

Her relationship with party President, Portia Simpson Miller, has also soured.


One thought on “Burke Brands Hanna a Liar

  1. Nathan777

    I believe every single world Lisa Hanna has said. I personally believe that Mr Burke and others in his circles, are the ones being dishonest and nasty. Lisa Hanna represents a new type of leadership for Jamaica in the 21st century. She is not into the crab in a barrel type politics, and that is what is causing the problems. The old dinosaurs do not want progressive and forward thinking change in Politicians like Lisa Hanna. They want to maintain the old style, brutal politics that has divided and destroyed Jamaica and Jamaicans over the last 50 years. I wish Lisa Hanna well, and I believe that she will overcome. And take her rightful place Within the PEOPLES NATIONAL PARTY, Which is the Peoples Party. And Not that of Paul Burke and his cronies.

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