Burke Defends Move to Invite Phang to NEC

PNP General Secretary, Paul Burke, is defending his controversial move to invite former Arnett Gardens strong man, George Pang, to the meeting of the PNP National Executive Council, NEC.

Our sources say Mr. Burke turned up at Sunday’s meeting and announced that the Arnett Gardens Community Activist is a guest of him, as PNP General Secretary.

Phang is not a member of the NEC. Some PNP NEC members have said Mr. Burke’s move was inappropriate. Sources say Mr. Phang left the meeting shortly after Mr. Burke’s attempt to explain his presence was interrupted by members of the NEC.

The PNP General Secretary says he’s not aware of discord concerning his move to invite Mr. Phang to the meeting.

Mr. Burke declined to say why he invited Mr. Phang to the meeting.

However, the PNP General Secretary says it’s untrue that he wanted the NEC to apologize to Mr. Phang for comments made in the public recently by Central Kingston MP, Ronald Thwaites.

Thwaites criticized some of the persons who are supporting Colin Campbell in his bid to succeed Dr. Omar Davies as Member of Parliament for South Andrew.

Some PNP members have interpreted the criticism of Thwaites as a ‘diss’ to George Phang. Mr. Thwaites did not attend the NEC yesterday.

Mr. Burke says he was not seeking an apology to be made to Mr. Phang.

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