Burke Summons PNP Secretariat to ‘Trust’ Talks

Embattled PNP General Secretary, Paul Burke, today summoned all members of the party’s secretariat to a meeting to discuss trust issues as the internal election campaign intensifies amid the funding scandal engulfing the party.

Mr. Burke told the members of the secretariat that the PNP is in interesting times and trust issues are involved.

In an e-mail sent at 7:25 last evening, Mr. Burke indicated that the meeting was to get underway at 10:00 this morning.

He told members of the secretariat who are also PNP delegates that they have a right to vote their preference in the upcoming internal elections.

However, he demanded that they not accept gifts or favours from any of the candidates to help with their constituencies.

The PNP General Secretary also told members who are MPs that they are also not to accept back to school help at this time from any candidate.

Burke further told his colleagues that there are persons seeking the first opportunity to accuse him and the secretariat of wrongdoing

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